What’s Next?

The last time we spoke, I was waiting for an exam moderator to turn up and judge my final pieces of work for the end of year exhibition. They did, they liked it (although one of them felt a little sick and a tiny bit nauseous after using the VR headset and headphones together but to be fair to her, she did warn me ahead of time that could happen!) and the results are in…

I GOT A 2:1 !!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!

Now if you are my friend of Facebook or know me personally, this will be old news to you and I may have mentioned previously that I promised to write more frequent blogs but hey, I didn’t sign a contract or anything so cool your jets ok?


That was a little defensive wasn’t it?

It’s hot today and I’m a little stressed. I’m currently making my way through 1000+ images from my brothers wedding that I shot at the weekend. I don’t normally do wedding photography so I’m being extra careful to make sure the final images look right. Is there such a thing as wedding dress blindness? I think I may have it.

So anyway, enough rambling and back to the point. Since finishing college and getting my degree, it has dawned on me that now I have to “act your age momma, not your shoe size” (thank you Prince…) and consider what’s next.

It feels really weird saying ‘what’s next’ especially at my age. I sometimes find myself envying those younger than me that were on my course and even curse that I am 20 years older than them and that they have all this time to explore their choices and make great photography.

And then I stop.

I come to my senses and realise that ok, I am much older but the experiences I have had and the things I have seen are precisely the reasons why my photographs look the way they do and it because of all that experience is precisely the reason people feel the way that they do when they see my work.

I find it hard sometimes to describe what it is I see that makes a photograph one that I want to take and I don’t doubt for a second that is true for most creatives. Sometimes you just know and you have to go with that instinct; I guess I have to trust my instinct to answer that question –  what’s next?

I remember seeing one of those ‘inspirational’ cards in a gift shop once that read –

You’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be

So I guess my first decision is to choose my destination.

I just hope they don’t laugh at my passport photo when I get there……


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