A day full of Pride….

As a photographer, sometimes there are certain situations that you find yourself in that can either make you question your career choices or totally justify why you ever picked up a camera in the first place.

Yesterday, I found myself surrounded by crowds of people that, despite the tragic events in Manchester earlier this week, came out to celebrate and enjoy Birmingham Pride 2017. Understandably, some were nervous to be amongst such large crowds but this soon dissipated once the parade through the streets began.

And from that moment, Birmingham came alive. Wherever you looked, there were smiles, laughs, joy and celebration. Music came from almost everywhere, nearly everyone in the parade was dancing and some in the crowds too. The atmosphere was simply fantastic. And as a photographer, I just couldn’t press that shutter button fast enough. Everywhere I pointed my camera was another smiling face. It was truly joyous.

Some 500+ photographs later and watching the last truck full of revellers make its way down the parade route, all I could feel was pride. Pride for those in the parade, pride for those in the crowds, pride for this place I call home.

There will be those who will say that the crowds came out to show defiance against those who seek to harm us and maybe that is true. All I know is that amongst those crowds yesterday, if pride could be measured in pounds sterling, I would have been a millionaire…


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