Just me….and my 8000 mates….

It’s not very often you get to spend your Sunday mornings relaxing with 8000 other people. I say relaxing – I was relaxed; the other 8000 people were working incredibly hard, pounding the streets of Birmingham, raising money, running the Great Birmingham 10K !

This is an annual event held in the Second City which is a half marathon; the other event, the full 26.2 mile Birmingham International Marathon being held in October.

It’s fair to say that those out running for this event were just fantastic, especially as it was a particularly hot day. I had nothing but admiration for them, and honourable mentions must go to those running in fancy dress (there was a guy running in full fireman’s gear who looked very sweaty!). My only efforts that day were changing lenses and pressing the shutter button!

Whenever I cover these types of events, in the back of my mind I always think “maybe one day I could do that” and then I quickly come to my senses, look down at this “keg” of a belly I have and these weak spindle-like ankles and return to the real world !

And who needs running anyway? I have a bus pass!

Now, if you’ve finished reading this post, take a look at the pictures I took and when you’re done, you can pass that packet of chocolate biscuits over…..



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