London Calling….


Back to the capital for this set of images. Wherever you are in London, you can always guarantee to see an interesting face and this makes for great street photography. I was in London this past Saturday (mainly around the Covent Garden area and a couple in Trafalgar Square), and wherever I pointed the camera, there seemed to be one fascinating subject after another.

It’s when I am immersed in these situations that I find myself feeling the most comfortable. To some that may sound bizarre; “Comfortable in the middle of a crowd? You’re crazy!” But I find it’s precisely these situations that deliver the most rewarding pictures. And it’s when you get those rewards, I find my decision to become a street photographer is totally justified.

Anyway, enough of the ‘deep and meaningful’ – here are the pictures. As always, please feel free to comment should the mood take you.


3 thoughts on “London Calling….

  1. Your photographs are really great! But you seem sometimes so close to the subjects… How did you manage to shoot the Lady in “the perfect glaze” photograph? Did you ask her to pose for the picture? Thanks


    1. Hi. Thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the images. Some of the pictures may seem a little close but it was simply a case of turning around & there they were so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to fire the shutter! The lady in ‘The Perfect Gaze’ walked passed me & I missed the first chance to take her picture. So I walked on ahead of her and when she stopped to browse, it was a case of waiting. I kept my camera at waist height so when she looked up, I took the shot. It wasn’t until I walked away & looked at the image did I realise she was looking right at the lens.


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